Mando Mazi
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Mando Mazi was born in Corfu on February 5, 1982 and she is the sister of a younger brother.

Born into a family with considerable high expectations and trust in her she demonstrated a tendency to do things her own way at an early age, rejecting to join the family hotel business and follow the 3 generations of Hoteliers chain, just to chase her own dreams. 

Right after finishing school in Corfu she moved to Athens to join the American College of Greece, where she gained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with majors in Entrepreneurship Theory and Public Relations.

Her drive for detail together with her love for design and indoors spaces forced her to share her studying time between Business and Art attending at the same time with her primary BA,  Vacalo Art and Design College to study Interior Design.

In 2004 she moved again, this time to Switzerland, to attend an MA program at the Swiss Hotel Management University, where she received her Master's degree with Honours in Hospitality and Events Management.

Two years later she returned to Greece to design and implement her MA’s thesis together with her fellow student and partner in life, Alexandros Tziotis in the name of Great Events, her first business venture, counting until present.

At the same time she found herself working for the Swiss Academic Institute of Tourism, Glion, as an associate professor for two inspiring years in an effort to educate and train future staff for Great Events and drain her passion for teaching.

In 2016 she launches a business venture together with two amazing gentlemen and remarkable pros, her latest “baby” Growth, a project she can see very great potential in, since it mixes in a mysterious way business with art making this impossibly boring for her and extremely useful for a very sensitive market, this of high-end professionals.

Mando, who is the mother of two girls, Bianca & Grace, is a fluent English and German speaker, while communicates in Italian, Spanish and French.